Backup Your Blog on World Backup Day!

Data loss from the digital gadgets is a common problem in everyone’s life. Thus, keeping a backup of each and every record is a crucial matter that can’t be denied.  So consider it as a scam or not you should celebrate the World Back Up day if don’t get time to back your data up by time to time. Hacking, hard drive crashes and machinery malfunctioning, accidental issues and there may be so many reasons from which you must have to guard your data so that you don’t have to pay for it in future. Hence we would like to share some techniques that may help you.

Back up restoring using older technology:

The conventional method of backing the data up to the mark is storing it in the hard drive. Make a clone copy of the data and store it into an external hard drive or USB (Universal Serial Bus).  Some OS like Windows 7 provides the tools for backups and restoring that can be helpful. In Windows 8 keeping the backup can be done using the File History. But only partial recovery can be done using this technique. You can see it in the control panel’s security sector.

What you should keep in mind at the time of choosing the drive:

We always suggest choosing the drivers those have the double volume of your main dates so that there will be no chances of data losses in any case. It will also leave a certain amount of spaces to reload data in the future such as pictures, movies and other additional files that you want to include. Using the USB 3.0 ports are another eminent option. Make sure that your system supports the USB 3.0 port and your upgradation would be easier. Network Attached Storage (NAS) can also be considered which is made using RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) architecture.

Disadvantages of using hard drives:

Hard drives are basically failure prone components.  You may suffer from driver failure and you may have to suffer for huge amounts of dollars for recovery. Under non-ideal conditions, the rate of failure may increase and there is always a risk of theft too.

All new cloud options:

Now there is the solution of all kinds of risks and threats. Try the latest technology of cloud computing that will amaze you with plenty of services. Back up all your data via the internet and you don’t need to worry about data losses and recoveries. Sign up and create your account in any website who supports this all new technology and upload all your back ups in your account. Just like the mail accounts like Google, you will be given certain amount of storage space and it will be sufficient to store your datas. Google Drive, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, iCloud and there are so many renowned sites those are available to give you service for 24*7. The data will be securely stored in their server. You just pay a certain amount by regular installment and you can access your data anytime anywhere.

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