Los Angeles, LA, the city of angels, is a luxurious destination for all your exploration needs. With top-quality hands-on massage parlors and therapists, the town offers a wide variety of relaxation services such as body rubs and massage businesses.

However, for your body rub services to reserve a seat among the top massage service providers in the city, you will need to draw attention from clients. The best way to do this is to advertise your merchandise and services, but before all, you must be able to design the perfect advertisement that is sure to give your competitors a run for their money.

What your advert should contain

  • Contact information

Your address and contact details should be left behind in case any of the clients may be intrigued by your advertisements and would like to reach you.

  • Business details

Give your audience some information about your business, what it entails, and why it is better than the other body rub service providers

  • Logo/ business name

You will need to include a logo or business name that entails your specialization and helps you stand out from the crowd. This piece of information should help your clients to identify you easily while attracting more customers.

  • Photo or any other visual aid

Your body rub business will need to be familiar to clients. For your audience to get a better visualization of what you deal in or the services you provide, using high-quality images may not only tend to arouse interest in clients but also convince them to contact you.

Necessary guidelines

  1. Use the appropriate colors

Many advertisers tend to discriminate or ignore this factor, but the fact is, color is essential as it is used to attract interest and arouse emotions. Men and women have different color tastes and preferences; however, there are specific colors known to instill interest in both genders. Again, mixing too many colors may otherwise be too much for the viewers to handle.

  1. Make it simple to understand

Avoid using technical or complicated words that may tend to drive away impatient clients who don’t have the time to grab a dictionary. You’re promoting your body rub services, not indulging clients in a spelling bee. Make your words simple as though it is a 6-year-old who’d be reading but at the same time, try to make it very captivating.

  1. Write less

Clients will be perusing your competitors’ ads as well and hence may not have the time or interest to indulge in long texts. Engage all your intentions and important details in a few words as possible to attract more customers.

  1. Avoid over exaggerating

Try moderating your exaggeration instead to convince clients why your body rub services are better than others. You are trying to offer your clients attractive relaxation opportunities, not promising them an unimaginable reality from a young man’s fantasies.

  1. Apply presentable formatting skills

An easy to read and understand format is more attractive to clients. Using more than two font styles and colors in one text might be considered too much by potential customers, and they may end up ignoring your ad.

  1. Give clients a mental picture instead of just informing them

Try to stand out from other body rub businesses by showing the clients your ideas and give them a mental picture of what they should expect.

Final thoughts

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes. What would you be looking for in a massage advertisement? What is it that would capture your attention more? Once you achieve this, you will find out that creating an ad for your body rub business could never be any less comfortable.


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