How To Get Twitter Followers In 5 Minutes A Day


Do you want to learn how to get Twitter followers but don’t have much time to spend on Twitter each day? Then read on because I have a simple, effective, and quick method you can start using immediately.

How To Get Twitter Followers On Twitter

The best place to get anything is to go where it’s abundant—and the best place to get Twitter followers is on Twitter.

Many people try to build a following on Twitter using their existing blog or Facebook audience. That’s a mistake. You’re just helping Twitter market their product. You want Twitter to help you market your product.

But you also don’t want to spend too much of your time on Twitter everyday—unless you enjoy it. Everyone needs a hobby, and it’s great if you enjoy socializing on Twitter. I don’t and so I developed the following method for how to get Twitter followers in just a few minutes a day:

My Method For How To Get Twitter Followers

Here it is in just five easy steps:

1.   Find the person in your niche who has the most Twitter followers.

2.   Every day, go on Twitter and promote what that person is currently doing.

3.   Every week, @ send a tweet directly to that person with some valuable information.

4.   When they respond—and they will eventually respond—work hard to befriend them.

5.   After you befriend them, they’ll start mentioning you to their followers and their followers will start to become your followers.

The wonderful thing about this method is that it’s easily repeatable. After you befriend the most followed person in your niche, you can work on befriending the second most followed person in your niche.

Hey, That’s Cheating!

The method described above isn’t glamorous. It doesn’t involve witty repertoire. It isn’t something you can write a computer program to automate. But it works. It works because people will be interested in you if you get interested in them.

This method also automatically provides useful tweets to your followers even as you try to build relationships with the most followed people in you niche. Every tweet you send promoting a leader in your niche helps your followers find that leader and learn from them, making you a source for useful information.

What To Do With Your New Followers

Of course, you probably don’t want to learn how to get Twitter followers just for the sake of having Twitter followers. You want followers so you can direct them at your business.

The key to getting the most out of your Twitter followers is to follow their mood. If they’re in the holiday shopping mood, sell them something. If they’re setting goals in the new year, send them to an article you wrote about good goals. If you can tie your products into a current event, do it. But don’t just keep plugging the same product every week the same way you did the previous week. Taking care of your current Twitter followers is the best way how to get Twitter followers.

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