Smartphone Applications Creating a Boom in the Real Estate Industry!


In recent times, the rapid adoption of cellular devices particularly smartphones and tablets has redesigned the home-based search practice, as customers are more inclined to use faster and easily accessible methods to gain info and browse over the internet. As a result, various companies are jumping on the smartphone bandwagon and enhancing their company’s website for cellular devices. Various real estate applications are available over the internet that helps agencies form rapport with customers instantly. With the cumulating number of smartphone devices, more and more real estate brokers are adding mobile apps to their marketing schemes in order to get in touch with a larger number of customers and optimizing their conversion rate.

The vast majorities of property buyers who have downloaded and used such real estate applications find them quite useful. These apps offer a fast and convenient mode to hunt and screen through hundreds of properties in the neighboring regions or even nationwide.

For instance, if you are looking out for properties in Ghatkopar, all you need to do is enter the city, state, province or ZIP code into the app and it will not only provide you with a GPS navigated search result but also offer additional information such as the infrastructure of the house, the proximity, cost range etc.

Other features include:

  • Access to past search history
  • GPS Navigation
  • Photographs of the property
  • Contact person’s information
  • QR codes scanner that helps you to get immediate info about the houses of interest.
  • Users reviews and testimonials.
  • Comparison of price
  • Information about the surroundings

Real estate agents may also make use of these applications to showcase the available homes to their clients. The above mentioned features are solely found with the use of such mobile applications. Apart from that, agents can also offer house buying and selling consultation forms via these apps. These consultation forms can help them in lead generation for identifying who their prospective consumers are.

Along with all the other plus points, mobile applications are also pretty cost effective. Using this tool, the real estate broker can reach a large number of people are a very low cost. By making use of the push notification facility, they may even send hundreds of text messages simultaneously to a large number of customers, free of cost! However to make use of this facility, the prospective customer needs to have this application installed on his smartphone. Thus this technique is not only cheap and effective but also faster and easily manageable as compared to other modes of advertising.

This gadget of communication serves as an advantage to the marketers since these real estate applications have the “share it with” or “tell as friend” feature which allows you to share the information and recommend the application to your friends and acquaintances in a much quicker way.

Estate agents can make use of tablets and I-Pads to make sales presentations to prospects. It has the “wow” factor which woos customers. He can make use of these amazing applications to make digital demonstrations to a buyer or seller of the other households are available on sale in the surrounding areas by merely drawing a mark around their home on a tablet.

These interactive smartphone applications help the brokers to highpoint their own listings, stimulate connectivity with customers, trail results and gather stats. A reliable and proficiently developed app can turn into a piggybank and fetch more customers and returns in your pockets.

This latest advancement in the smartphone industry has grabbed a lot of attention from the consumers and real estate agencies already. Thus, if used proficiently, it can turn into something huge.

Authors Bio:

Davis Humphrey is one of the most renowned agents in the real estate industry. He also works as a consultant for an online website where he gives out ideas about the latest marketing tools that may help other brokers and customers in finding the most apt houses. As per Davis’s research, the selling of properties in Ghatkopar has increased since the progression of real estate apps.

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