Some Essential SEO Tricks for Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the few social media sites that have gained a tremendous amount of popularity within a short span of its launch. It is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Pinterest is a great platform, particularly for business owners as it enables them to showcase their products and services to the world. Using Pinterest, one can reach their target audience effectively. There are several people around the globe who love referring to Pinterest to purchase a particular product and therefore using some simple SEO tricks is essential to get the attention of the audience you wish to target. These tips will bring even the simple looking pins to notice.

1.)   Using the right keywords:

An SEO company suggests that this is the most important trick that can attract the attention of several potential buyers. It is always advisable to use keywords that people believe will have a longer shelf life. Doing this may be a daunting task. However, once you realize it, there will be no looking back. Pinterest gives you the advantage of personalizing a pin and you can use this to target a particular geographical region or gender. You must also try to describe the product using good words. This is the first step to ensuring success in your business using Pinterest.

2.)   Using Hash Tags:

This is absolutely indispensable if you want to get your pins noticed. Hash Tags play an immensely important role when it comes to Twitter, Instagram and Google + and the same goes for Pinterest. Hash Tags bring your pins under a particular category. There is every possibility that a user may search for a particular hash tag that is similar to yours and this is how a potential buyer may come across your products.

3.)   Provide Backlinks:

An SEO company strongly believes that backlinks are one of the most important tricks that several companies use to ensure a good number of repins. Your site should essentially get linked back from a pin. To ensure this, you must include the URL of your website at all times, no matter what. Why is this important? Every time that your pin gets shared you stand a good chance that people may look at your link and follow it.

4.)   Using the Pin – It button:

You may not realize it but a Pin-It button can work wonders for your business. Thus, if you own a business and you wish to attract customers to buy your products or avail of your services, you absolutely must have a Pin- It button from Pinterest onto your website. The results will be for you to see. This ensures that it is not just you who pins onto the Pinterest board but the visitors that come knocking on your website may also take the liberty of pinning products that they like.

5.)   Using appropriate image description:

When you post images on your website, you must always make sure that your images have an appropriate image description or an ‘Alt text’ that describes your images almost perfectly. Pinterest has the tendency to pick up images from your site without altering the description. Having an apt description can be especially fruitful when the Pinterest users come across your products. This generally happens when a visitor pins from your website. Therefore using the right keywords to describe your product is extremely essential.

These are some basic guidelines that must be followed if you wish to get a good number of pins and repins. Pinterest can be an excellent way to get some free marketing and publicity done for your product.

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Steve works for an SEO company and he believes that social media marketing is the best way to attract an audience. A marketing professional himself, he began his career working for a marketing firm.

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    Charlie Brown

    pinterest is a great platform for individuals and brands to express their creativity and unique products and present them to the right interested audience. Thanks to this article, the correct formula for a successful pinterest campaign is now known. The social networking site is fast gaining popularity over some other giants like facebook and I would definitely use the mentioned strategies to leverage on pinterest.

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