The Coolest Real Estate Apps for your Ipad!

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Let’s just say that technology has its pluses and let’s just say they are HUGE! It is simply because the world is growing smaller and smaller since the Internet is just becoming wider and wider. If you really want a grip on how things work in the real estate world you do not need to read a countless magazines or surf for hours on the net to get a hang of the current market scenario. If you are a real estate agent from Florida or a new investor looking up at the upcoming residential projects in Mumbai, all you need are a few clicks to some of the coolest real estate apps that can easily come fit in your Ipads.

1.  The Zillow:

Probably the most famous real estate app out there, it has become largely famous for the variety it has for its viewing clientèle. Not only are the options classy and great but they also wished to target budget-prone clients which want specific properties. All in all it is a product based app which is designed to sell and that may sometimes be a hitch since their direct link is always an advertising agent of the property in concern rather than a direct link to the seller.

2.  Trulia:

True to its name, Trulia is all about the facts and truths that rule and guard the property game. It essentially is much less clutter than Zillow since it provides you with direct contacts to the selling party. It also gives you clear cut client comments about the reviews of the varied properties offered on sale and as a result you can either choose to skim through the different options offered or you can get in touch directly with the agent related to the deal and ask for the necessary details.

3.  Realtor:

It is the most preferred app since of course it deals with the National Association of Realtors making it one of the most reliable places to access the right information of every kind of property available on the market. It comes in with review notes and special tags about how the agents have found the properties during property viewing and this app to gives you the direct contact details of the selling party. It is less about advertising and propaganda and is more direct with its dealings. Huge investors are encouraged since the best companies of builders are all inked on this app.

The advantages of using estate apps while seeking properties are multiple.

Firstly, it clearly portrays the property scene as it is and offers you choices according to your individual specifications. This results in narrowing down of your otherwise humungous research and thus saves on a lot of time and energy.

Secondly, most of these apps get you in contact directly with the host party and this eases out the communication process on a large scale. It makes you have a first review on what the property is like and gives you the benefit of fitting in an appropriate viewing of the respective properties.

Thirdly, these apps are designed so as to help you find the best of the deals well within your budget and are user friendly to a major extent. As a result, they tend to be the most accurate resources on listing down your options, comparing data and asking for varied valuations.

Real estate apps have transformed the scenario of the estate world and have made it accessible to the common man. They are simple and easy to operate and are the best accompaniments on your Ipads.

Bio: Lionel Del Cruz is a professional estate agent in India and is currently looking up the upcoming range of residential projects in Mumbai. He advises the new investors to get a thorough research of their options done before they commence on making the investment.


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