What to do When Looking for Employment in Social Media Platforms

Social media are not just used to connect to friends and family. It has evolved into many forms of networking. Businesses have flocked to social media websites because of the vast range of consumers it gathers, and even politics has moved to social media platforms to campaign about their advocacies. Moreover, social media have started a new revolution when it comes to people seeking an opportunity to establish their careers. There is no doubt that social media can give you the exposure you need to seek employment. But there are just some essential things to keep in mind if you’re looking for an employment opportunity in these popular social media outlets. Below are some things to learn by heart before venturing out to social media platforms for employment.


  1. Choose the right social media platform. Pouring efforts on social networking websites that do not have the right opportunities for you is definitely a waste of time. Research on social media websites and what businesses are established there. Some social media platforms focus on certain kinds of businesses. It is best to be in the know-how about where your future employers are.


  1. Show off your skills in your social profile. Treat your social profile as your public resume. And like all resumes, it has to contain your skills, achievements and work history. Moreover, remember to show skills that are relevant to the employment opportunity you are seeking out for.


  1. Act professional. The biggest mistakes of people when building their careers through social media is that they forget that employers can look at their social profiles. If you really are serious in getting a job. Then you have to be serious and think twice about what you post on your social profiles.


  1. Be polite. Your employers would definitely think you’re the right fit for their company once you start posting according to their image. Quick tip- most businesses want their employees to be highly professional and ethical. Therefore, avoid vulgar posts. Save those posts for your separate personal account.


  1. Constantly check your account. A social profile should be checked regularly. Avoid having huge gaps between times when you check your account. You might just miss a huge opportunity because you did not log in to your Facebook account or Linkedin.


  1. Post a decent picture. A big turn off for employers is a profile picture that has you in your bikini or a drinking party. A picture says a thousand words, and this has never been more true than finding employment through social media. Post something that employers would find decent. Literally, you have to put out an image that says employee worthy.


  1. Interlink your social profiles. Some social media might be better for showing off your skills than others. Therefore, it is best to post links to other social media profiles. Most of the time, employers would seek more information about you and by doing this you are making sure that they would know for certain that you are the best candidate they can find.

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