Twitter is the best place to monitor the world. Its users tweet about all the important events of the moment, which swiftly become trends. However, it's important to understand what trends are, exactly, and how they work.


What is Twitter trend?
It is a hashtag or topic that rapidly gains a lot of attention in certain area. Twitter doesn't reveal detailed algorithm used to identify trends but seems like they're looking primarily at the amount of new audience engaged in conversation.
So trend is just a popular topic, right?
Not quite. Once topic stops gaining new attention Twitter no longer considers it a trend, even though it might still have significant audience.
Why I can't find certain trend here even though I've seen it trending on Twitter/elsewhere?
There's few reasons why this could happen:
  • For compliance reasons we only retrieve trend data once an hour, and we might have missed it the moment we checked last time. If it's going to be trending long enough there's a good chance we'll capture it next time. If it's not, though, it might never show up on our radars.
  • We're using Twittter API to get the data. For whatever reason list of trends Twitter sends us is sometimes different/shorter than what one might observe in the app.
Why there's no data for my country or city at all?
We totally rely on Twitter when retrieving and processing trends. We try to collect the data for as many locations as practically reasonable but for some of them Twitter simply doesn't provide any information.
How do we determine the longest trending hashtags?
We calculate total number of days hashtag appeared as trending. We consider the hashtag trending on certain day if it was trending at least once we checked on that day.
How do we determine the most tweeted hashtags?
We find out the highest number of tweets that Twitter provides for every trend every time we check. It represents total number of tweets worldwide over previous 24 hours.
How is it all useful anyway?
Depends on why you're here:
  • If you're looking for ways to improve your exposure on social media you might want to know which topics are the hottest in certain areas and what's going on with them.
  • You migh also be following your favorite trends and be excited about seeing them top listed.
  • Alternatively, if you're a storyteller, you might want to explore trend history across the world to reveal what's hidden.

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About Us

About Us

We store and analyze Twitter data to bring you insights on trending topics and help you keep up with the audience.

Twitter reveals trending topics in its app. However, as those trends are constantly changing it’s almost impossible to keep track of things, yet alone monitor other locations. And that’s exactly where GetDayTrends shines offering you not only recent data but also historical trends in major countries or even cities worldwide.

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